The United States is heading for serious consequences from years of moral decay and gross incompetence and mismanagement on the part of our Federal and State Governments.  Here is a plan for restoring and maintaining our Constitutional System of Government so our families will be allowed to pursue their dreams and better their lives for many years to come rather than merely endure a dismal existence under the cold iron fist of tyranny.


May 20, 2014

Republican Party

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

87th District

Camp Hill

East Pennsboro


Silver Spring

Paid for by:
Nelson for Rep
 317 Briar Ridge Cir
 Enola, PA 17025

                                                                                                                                    Chris Nelson

Congratulations Rep. Grell!     

Thank you for running a clean campaign.

To our supporters: We captured nearly 30% of the vote which means the fight for traditional marriage, limited government, and an end to abortion is far from over.  We made our voices heard and scared the heck out of the establishment!